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D8.3: 'Initial report on dissemination and communication' is available'

The SECANT project has defined aplan for disseminatingand communicating the project’s results which was outlined in detail in Deliverable 8.2 submitted in M02 of the project’s lifetime.As a follow-up, the presentdeliverable reports all dissemination and communication activities for the first 12 months of the project’s lifetime(including metrics around web and social media campaign) as well as un updated outline of the calendar for all dissemination activities to be undertaken during the second year.This dissemination report D8.3 will detail how dissemination has been achieved to date and also how this plan will be revised and refined in line with work package progress project outcomes.It also includesan audit of the channels currently available to all partners and the identification oftheirrelationships with key academic and industrial players. The KPIs of the dissemination activities outlined in deliverable D8.2arereported in this deliverable for the first year while theKPIs for the second year will also be revised and outlined. Finally, this document reports the consortium’s initial standardization efforts that kicked off in Month 06.

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