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SECANT participates at the Joint Cluster Projects Event SU-DS02-2020 in Lisbon

SECANT project participated at a 2-day H2020 cybersecurity cluster workshop (SU-DS02-2020) on 16-17 October 2023. The workshop which was hosted by Uninova FCT in Lisbon, Portugal, gathered the following H2020 cybersecurity projects: ARCADIAN-IoT, SENTINEL, SECANT, ELECTRON, TRUSTaWARE, IRIS, KRAKEN, SPATIAL, IDUNN and ERATOSTHENES. 

Its objective was to encourage collaboration and synergy and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise, leading to more effective and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the EU market. 

SECANT was well-represented by four partners: NTTDATA, CERTH, 8BELLS, and THALES, who actively participated throughout the workshop. During this event, we had the privilege to showcase SECANT’s progress and discuss potential areas of cooperation. Our project coordinator, Monica Caballero (NTTDATA) led Session 1, focusing on “Leveraging synergies for joint cybersecurity solutions.” In Session 2, Bruno Vidalenc (Thales) delivered an insightful training session on the Cyber Range for security


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