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SAVE THE DATE: SECANT co-organises the “Cyber Threat Intelligence: Empowering IoT Security Workshop”, 6 March 2024

Do not miss this great initiative by the SecureCyber Cluster – Enhancing Cybersecurity. The “Cyber Threat Intelligence: Empowering IoT Security Workshop” will occur virtually on 6 March 2024 at 10-12.30 CET. Registration link:



Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is the knowledge and insights gathered, analysed, and used to understand and predict cyber threats and attacks. This intelligence is crucial for organizations to defend against potential cybersecurity threats proactively and respond effectively to attacks. 


This workshop focuses on the efforts of multiple EU-funded projects that have developed a Cyber Threat Intelligence component, specifically emphasising IoT systems. This workshop aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to gather, produce, elaborate, and share critical information about cyber threats and attacks, especially in IoT environments. The workshop also uniquely focuses on how CTI can be seamlessly incorporated into several vertical industries, addressing industry-specific challenges and needs.


This workshop will consist of expert-led presentations, interactive sessions, and industry-focused discussions. Participants from diverse sectors such as cybersecurity, IoT development, and various industries will gain valuable insights into developing and implementing CTI systems tailored to their needs. The workshop serves as an ideal platform for professionals to explore the intersection of cybersecurity and industry-specific requirements and to contribute to the advancement of secure and resilient IoT ecosystems across different sectors.




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